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About Us

Decades of IT experience has taught us that whatever is new today will most likely be obsolete tomorrow. In today’s fast paced, competitive market it is critical IT support providers remain abreast of all industry developments.

To ensure our clients have the most progressive IT solutions available we practice perpetual training. Savant technicians are required to undergo regular training on current IT advances, issues and tools.

Because our team has duo industry competencies, they also remain up-to-date on our clientele’s industries as well. We also firmly believe in continuing educations, that is why we incentivize and encourage our employees.


Lee Heisman

What do you get when you combine an operations machine and a problem-solving genius?

After receiving his MBA at Rutgers University and serving in the healthcare industry, Lee Heisman entrepreneurial spirit longed to make a greater impact, beginning his journey as an entrepreneur by launching a marketing firm. Recognized as an INC 500 Fastest Growing Companies, the firm quickly expanded to 120 employees. Heisman’s success can be attributed to his rapid speed to execution, which also afforded him a fresh foresight in the IT space. In the ever evolving world of IT, he realized that there was a growing need for an IT provider that understood both technology and how that technology should be used on a daily basis to accelerate a business’s growth and productivity. More than the installation of hardware and software, Heisman understood the operational needs of a business and how the technology could synergies those needs. Heisman’s keen ability to identify this pain point for business owners and create a solution for the most detailed and complex IT operational roadblocks led him to begin a new venture, Savant Comprehensive Technical Solutions, offering dual competencies in IT and business. Heisman’s deep business acumen as an owner himself and operations expertise from effectively and quickly scaling previous businesses has allowed Savant the ability to ascertain the precise technology needs per client.

Judd Igler

Judd Igler has been working in the computer technology field for 17 years. He attended college at Southern Tech where he studied Computer Science. From there he started his computer career at one of the largest closing attorneys in the state of Georgia where he was the quickly moved to the position of Network Administrator. From there he began working with multiple companies networks at a company called Digital Agent. He furthered his knowledge by working on many different network configurations and support structures. Judd also began studying, and later became certified to work on enterprise class firewalls and security systems.

After working in the support field for many years, he began seeing where many of IT support providers were dropping the ball performed troubleshooting and network repair He did not like the way the support systems were setup to gouge clients at high hourly rates for problems that would always seem reoccur. In 2006, he partnered with Lee Heisman to start Savant, a managed services company. He started the company with the intension of bringing a new proactive approach to network support at an affordable monthly fee.

Recently Judd has been focused on consulting his current clients on how to best secure their networks. Co-founding Ask A Privacy Officer (AAPO) was the natural progression. With AAPO Judd brings the technical security part to the table from his experience of working with many different companies to secure their networks based on their industries standards.

the team

Technical Services Support

Lead by: David Tapper
  • 24/7
  • Our techs are in perpetual tech training
  • All Techs are Security Screened
  • Unique in specific industries
  • Troubleshooting
  • On-site training, installation and maintenance

Client Services Group

Lead by: Adrianne Jarvis
  • 24/7
  • United States based
  • Dedicated project management
  • Excellence in customer service relationship
  • Troubleshooting
  • Triage all scheduling
  • Assist in IT equipment procurement

System Analyst Team

Lead by: Chris Bauer
  • 24/7
  • High level IT planning and review
  • Technical team trouble shooting
  • Techical team service strategies and solutions
  • Disaster Recovery


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