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The Savant team is working together for your team!

Sav-IT automatically backs up data on a predetermined schedule, even when files are in use. The automatic backup eliminates any error-prone human interaction; never again will you need to worry about remembering to run a backup. Data is encrypted and compressed before transmitting to Savant’s off-site backup servers through a 256-bit encrypted channel. This file compression technology substantially reduces backup time and saves storage space, thus reducing monthly space costs.

In the event of data loss, clients can quickly login to their Savant software and instantly restore data. Sav-IT backs up:

  • Microsoft Exchange/Outlook
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • VMWare ESX, and ESXi
  • Oracle Database
  • MySQL Database
  • Any network folder share
  • Windows System State backup
  • Hyper-V
  • Real-time offsite data replication
  • Restoring files anytime, anywhere.


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24/7- Secure-IT

When you begin with Savant, the first part of implementation includes installing our agent software on your current network. Your staff is able to request assistance by either calling our office and speaking to one of our customer service representatives or simply clicking on the Savant logo on their workstation and completing a ticket request automatically. We will pro-actively alert you of any potential issues before they can become problematic as well as notify you when there are specific issues that need your attention immediately. We also manage and maintain your licensing updates, warranties, domains, and many other recurring and third party services.

  • Help desk ticketing
  • Remote control
  • Software deployment
  • Mobile device management
  • Windows, Mac and Linux support
  • Hardware and Software monitoring
  • Antivirus monitoring
  • Operating system patching
  • Network hardware updating

Savy Cloud

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No hardware necessary

What does a day “down” look like for your firm? In the event you experience a hardware failure, Savant will immediately begin working to resolve your issue and get your network back up and running. But the question is, can you afford to be down for the day? Servers, hardware, replacement parts, and even dealing with warranties on your hardware, create multiple layers of issues when something fails. The Savant team will craft a Cloud Computing Solution which will be instrumental in helping make your transition to our cloud as smooth as possible with minimal to no down time.