Getting Started

There are two kinds of IT support service models, Break/Fix and Managed Services. The Break/Fix model means the longer the issue takes to repair, the more profitable it is for the IT service provider. Additionally, this kind of model offers no cost control for network support and typically band aids the problem. Savant is a Managed Service Provider; our clientele benefit from price controls as well as a proactive approach. The first step is to formulate an affordable, fixed monthly rate customized to your company’s needs.

Initial Evaluation:

While reviewing your initial network evaluation, we will verify your budget with key managers and executives to identify a plan and course of action that best suits your needs.

Security Lockdown:

As your IT partner, we need to ensure a thorough lockdown of your network and develop a security protocol for your organization. Our lockdown process begins with a global password reset and an audit of your current security settings. From here, we begin to determine the protocols to set up specific for your organization.

Disaster Recovery:

Our three-tiered customer disaster recovery plan was designed for both on-site and off-site access for our clients. In conjunction with our on-site 24/7 proactive monitoring of your network and our multiple data-centers, our infrastructure allows our clients piece of mind, wherever you are, and on any device.


The deployment of our custom technology “Secure-IT,” allows us to be present and connected to every aspect of your current network, from servers, to laptops, to tablets, all the way to your smartphones. Secure-IT implementation includes training your staff to utilize our systems for ticket resolution as efficiently as possible.

Performance Tune-up:

Savant professionals will conduct a performance tune-up of your entire network from hardware to software. This tune up will correct multiple performance issues, ranging from enhancing firewall security, removing malware and spyware, to simply increasing the speed of your workstations. Once complete, our technicians will resolve any outstanding issues that may still be present after the tune-up.

Complete management services:
We are your In-House IT

As your Managed Service Provider, our proactive approach allows us to detect problems before they impact your company. Our management includes, but it not limited to:

  • consulting:

    Savant professionals work with your organization to analyze and understand your needs to efficiently and cost-effectively implement improved technology solutions.

  • Security & Firewall Protection:

    Savant continually inspects your network for all known security issues to identify potential threats. Rest easy knowing software and hardware are patched and protected.

  • Executive Summary Report:

    Each month an executive summary report will be presented to you, highlighting a general overview of your network for the month.

  • Remote Access:

    You and your staff can access your office desktop from anywhere in the world. Our remote connectivity solution provides a seamless connection for all of your essential applications while traveling or telecommuting.

  • 24/7 Monitoring & Trouble Shooting:

    By providing 24/7 network monitoring and on-site support we are able to correct technical issues before they impact productivity.

  • Service Requests:

    No one has time to file a lengthy service request, so we made it simple. When an issue occurs, simply click on the Savant icon at the bottom corner of your monitor to initiate a help request. A service confirmation is sent via email that may be used to communicate with our call center and technicians. Team Savant will immediately diagnose the problem, connect to your PC and fix the issue.