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  • Our techs are in perpetual tech training

  • All techs are security screened

  • Unique in specific industries

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  • On-site training, installation, and maintenance

  • 24/7

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  • Excellence in customer service relationship

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  • Assist in IT equipment procurement

  • 24/7

  • High level IT planning and review

  • Technical team troubleshooting

  • Technical team service strategies and solutions

  • Disaster recovery

Tech Changes Fast

That's why our entire team undergoes continual training in IT advances, issues, and tools. 

We stay up-to-date on our clients' industries so that we can recommend tech best practices for specific client needs. 



Lee Heisman, Savant Technology Co-Owner

Lee Heisman

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Lee earned his MBA from Rutgers University and began his career in the healthcare industry. He launched a marketing firm which grew to 120 employees and was named to the INC 500 list of Fastest Growing Companies in America. While undergoing a growth surge, Lee experienced the shortcomings of traditional 3rd party IT companies first hand and quickly realized there was a glaring need for an IT provider that thoroughly understood their clients' needs. So, Lee launched Savant Comprehensive Technical Solutions under the premise of combining the dual competencies of IT and business operations.

Judd Igler, Savant Technology Owner

Judd Igler

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Judd earned his degree in Computer Science from Southern Tech. After working as a Network Administrator and certified expert on enterprise class firewalls and security systems, he began seeing where many IT support providers fell short in troubleshooting and network repair. So, he partnered with Lee Heisman to launch Savant. He started the company to bring a new, proactive approach to network support at an affordable monthly investment.



We love our city of Atlanta and support a number of local organizations.

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