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We recently ended a 12-year relationship with our Managed Service Provider and signed on with Savant CTS. From the first planning meeting with the Savant team we knew we had made the right decision. Their suggestions for our IT infrastructure overhaul were concise and met our business needs exactly, including a significant reduction in capital AND operating expense by replacing our expired server with a Network Attached Storage device and moving our email and office functions to the cloud with Office 365.

Our existing T1 router died two days before our scheduled onboarding with Savant’s field technicians. This killed all of our internet and our phones. One call to Savant and they had an emergency technician on-site in an hour and he had our ten new VoIP phones installed and configured before the end of the workday.

The short story is this: Savant CTS just gets it. They are prompt and always bring their best solutions. 

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"Without true business partnerships and commitments like yours, LOUD Security could not be handling the opportunities and outstanding growth we have been enjoying over the last several years. Thank you for being the BACKBONE of the LOUD Security corporation."

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"Last Saturday at the office, a warning on the computer screen appeared that mentioned “HTML” and “Trojan”. Knowing this could be an immediate threat to our IT platform, I snapped a screen-shot and called Savant, who immediately came to our assistance. In less than 5 minutes a technician was remediating the issue. This is the norm for Savant, and we depend on this excellence to serve the medical needs of our community. Our partnership with Savant is essential to our core operations. Savant has again proven that our trust is well-placed and they are ready and reliable."

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"Just a note of appreciation for your technician’s assistance with resolving my issues. He has been so professional & dependable during many troubleshooting sessions. His patience is amazing when dealing with end users who don’t always understand and speak the same tech lingo. His visit to install a new laptop was seamless yesterday, with little interruption to my work day due to his technical abilities. Greatly appreciated!"


“After having two bad experiences back-to-back with I.T. companies not being efficient and delivering service that they promised we are so thankful to be on board with Savant! They are the A-Team! Truly professional! They are just a delight to work with! Shout out to The Onboarding Team for taking such good care of us!!!”


“The gentleman that revolved my issue was kind and understanding and resolved all of the issues with a happy heart. It was a pleasure to work with him!”

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"I just wanted to let you know what a great job your technician has done for us out here today. He has solved problems that we have had for ages and helped us come up with some solutions that will save us time and money."


"As a boutique IT solutions firm, Savant approached our entire enterprise holistically. Their on-site and remote services are invaluable. And their commitment to really knowing their clients separates them from the competition."

Savant Client Logo TCS.jpg

"I LOVE SAVANT! They are awesome! Responsive! Professional! This is my 3rd experience with an outsourced IT group and they are just terrific. I was worried about the change from our previous IT company and from my perspective it has been completely smooth."

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"I don’t know what I would do without Savant. The minute you took us on here at NBC, we’ve all been a lot happier. Thanks for being prompt and courteous!"


"We had issues connecting to a website we use for work. We called in, and your technician assisted us. He was very nice and helpful and got the issue resolved. We just wanted to let you know that we greatly appreciate his help, and he was wonderful. You have a great employee!"


“I cannot tell you how impressed I was with the above the call of duty service with Savant on our recent move and transition to our new office. Not only was the staff courteous, polite, and efficient, but one of your team even fixed a door that was installed by the security company. They worked hard and made sure every attention to detail was in place.”

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“Savant IT is the best support platform that I have worked with in the 17 years that I have been using contract IT services. Thank you for all of the Savant staff. Big Kudos!”


“Thank you! Your customer service has been the best we have ever experienced!


"Thank you Savant!  After a decade and a half of growth, it was essential to engage in a complete IT discovery process. Savant lead the initiative that resulted in an effortless IT transition for our team of 25! Thank you for keeping our business and our data safe!"


"Your team displays exactly what I would dream of for a Technology Support Team if we had it in-house. No matter how big ISS gets, it will be quite hard to justify leaving you to build our own; “If it is not broken, don’t fix it and if it is perfect, celebrate and protect it”. You guys have exceeded my expectation on every occasion! Please share this with your team and prospective clients!"

Savnts CTS Client CORE.jpg

"Your technician went above and beyond to assist me last week. I was having a lot of difficulty logging in to Core Benefits remote site and he took over and left step-by-step instructions on how to get in on my desktop...It means so much to me to have that level of customer service delivered to me! My coworker told me that your technician treated her the EXACT same way. Customer Service #1! Keep the good work up!"

Experience the White Glove Service that Sets Us Apart

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